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Big and Bold is BACK!

We know, we know. Neutrals are forever. Neutrals are the jeans of graphic design that go with everything. But what happened to going big and bold with colour and design? Somehow, someone who had a really bad experience with a colour wheel spread a rumor that you have to be subdued in 50 shades of beige in order to make an aesthetic brand now days.

While it's soothing to go back to our natural roots of nature-inspired colours and shapes every now and then, you should never be held back from vivid colours and bold, out-of-the-box design because life is way too short to settle for our comfort zone of inside-the-box thinking. We don't mean to get all philosophical on you - but why not drag philosophy into this? After all, design is art and art is inspired by movements in society, changes in thinking and different takes on experiences of life. So start asking what do you stand for instead of following the crowd.

We want to get back to making life fun, vivid, full of colour and design that makes you stop and stare. Let's head the movement of bringing the joy back into branding by the exploration of bright colours and design that pushes the boundaries of what design can do for you instead of getting restrained by boundaries.

In a world of nudes, blushes and browns, being brave enough to choose an electric blue or a vibrant orange to represent your brand will make you stand out from the crowd and shine. Sure wearing a red lip is daunting at first, but the confidence boost it gives you from feeling bold enough to shake the norm is more than any nude lipstick would do for you. Just ask yourself what would catch your own eye out on the street more.


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Grey Label Developments Ltd.
Grey Label Developments Ltd.
Aug 19, 2021

This is so true! Diversifying your brand through a unique look is very important to stand out from others! 🙂

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